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sex with blender? yes!

hooty hoo suckbutts

14 January
My name is Erin and I go to the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I am a quasi-photographer and I enjoy fake blood. And real blood, too, particularly of the menstrual variety. I am a has-been horseback rider and I like to make out.

(this journal is mostly friends only. if you add me, leave a comment or i probably won't notice.
please be advised that i bitch a lot.
luckily for you, i am also adorable.)
!!!, 120 film, 60's fashion icons, american football, art bar, backstreets, bad sketches, bear vs shark, belle & sebastian, big city dreams, bitch drinks, blatantly ignoring speed limits, blonde redhead, camera obscura, canada, candy butchers, catch 22, cherry revision, circle jerks, cuddling, dates (not the fruit), days away, dead poetic, dear god fuck me, deftones, diane arbus, dolce and gabbana, duncan sheik, emery, evergreen terrace, extra slutty olive oil, fashion, five iron frenzy, ghost world, gin blossoms, half-naked boys(actually, hamsters who parachute), hating people.... well disliking, having an average weekend, hawthorne heights, head automatica, hellogoodbye, helmut newton, heroin chic, hey mercedes, hooty hoo suckbutts, horses, hot hot heat, hugging, hunter/jumpers, indie rawk snobs die!!!, james taylor, japanese street fashion, jean shrimpton, jets to brazil, less than jake, loudermilk, making out, marc jacobs, mates of state, medium format, metrosexuals, mia farrow, michael rosen, microfiction, mike kinsella, minus the bear, my chemical romance, naked), neutral milk hotel, not being hip, not being too emo, nyc, nylon magazine, old school nintendo, outkast, owen, pale friendless virgins, pedro the lion, peggy lipton, photography, pigs in general, plaid as a concept, plain white t's, playing songs on repeat, polaroids, ponies, pop unknown, portishead, pronouncing nietzsche, putting forks in toasters, questionable content, rainer maria, rasputina, ratatat, relient k, rilo kiley, rock n roll pizza, rubbing myself with pesto, save ferris, school of visual arts, sex with blender? yes!, sillypiggy, ska, snails with good vision, spoon, starsailor, stretch arm strong, sup the chemist, superlow jeans, sushi, sva, tarnation, tegan and sara, teh, the 60's, the apples in stereo, the breakfast club, the essex green, the halo friendlies, the ladybug transistor, the mighty mighty bosstones, the ocean as mistress, the postal service, the rocket summer, the rocking horse winner, the shins, the smell of gasoline, the streets, the supertones, the trouble with angels, the way rain smells, the zoloft guy, these aren't all bands, thinking about pens, thrifting, total cuteness overload, trembling blue stars, tv on the radio, twiggy, underground hip-hop, vendetta red, waking ashland, williamsburg, women in men's t-shirts, writing, ye rin mok, your mom's mom's mom